One Stone Recording & Mastering

Audio Engineering in New Brunswick, NJ


Track your next demo, EP or LP at One Stone. Record each instrument in isolation, or step into the live room and record the whole band at once.


Whether you tracked your album at One Stone or elsewhere, we offer full mixing services for all projects - music, voiceover and video.


Have your final mixes mastered at One Stone to get the uptmost quality and meet the growing standards of current digital output.

Completed Projects

Albums Recorded at One Stone

Dethroned Emperor | Moral Nihility

Dethroned Emperor

Moral Nihility LP

Party Cops

Knife Licker LP


New Brunswick Death Metal Alliance Tape

Drowning Swans

Memeories EP

Painted Rust

Self Titled EP

Altered Boys

Demo + 7inch

Upcoming Projects

What's coming up at the studio

  • Both

    Solo Black Metal Project

    Debut LP from solo black metal project Both. All instruments were tracked in the studio, with mixing set to begin shortly.

  • Dystrophy

    Death Metal

    Sophmore LP from progressive death metal band Dystrophy. Instruments are currently being tracked, with mixing to follow.

  • Twin Lords

    Two Piece Grindcore

    Debut LP from two piece grindcore band Twin Lords. Tracking is currently in progress, with mixing and mastering duties to follow.

Around the Studio

Photos from recent sessions.


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Peavey 5150 II | Ampeg VH-140C | Mesa Boogie 4x12 | Acoustic 4x10